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medical billing

By outsourcing your medical billing services to Kisha Knows Coding, you can:

  • Improve collections while accelerating cash flow

  • Reduce your administrative costs

  • Confidently address compliance

 Our cost-effective service can help you increase your performance while reducing expenses. KKC is committed to track every submission and work every claim through to resolution. KKC best practices ensure that compliance is integrated into our operations. We supplement these policies and procedures with internal and external audits. Our comprehensive reporting helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business and provides insight into your practice.

Our Medical Billing Services includes these capabilities: 

Payer-specific Rules processing and Demographic Verification

  • Specialty-Specific Medical Coding Services (Diagnosis and Procedure)

  • Eligibility Verification

  • Third Party Billing

  • Payment Posting and Electronic Remittance Handling

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Physician Credentialing

Our comprehensive medical billing services help you reduce your fixed expenses, while gaining access to our staff of revenue cycle specialists whose sole focus is optimizing your revenue. 

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KKC Advantage

  • Reconciliation of all charges received against your service log to ensure all services rendered have been submitted for payment

  • A comprehensive process that facilitates accurate, timely claims submission.

  • Review and tracking of payments received from payers for accuracy and appropriateness.

  • Identification of opportunities to improve practice efficiency.

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medical coding

Medical coding is a key activity that impacts the financial health of your practice. Without specialized expertise, focus, and an infrastructure to support the process, you are only increasing your exposure to risk.

By outsourcing your medical coding services to Kisha Knows Coding, you can:

  • Optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risk

  • Increase cash flow by reducing lag days and improving claims submission

  • Reduce your administrative burden and expenses

Our comprehensive coding services are available as part of our full medical billing services offering or as a standalone service for organizations doing their own billing. 

We offer: 

  • Professional or Facility Coding

  • Specialty-specific Coders dedicated to your account

  • AAPC and AHIMA-certified coders

  • Temporary Help or Long-Term Partnership

Whether you need to address a backlog, bridge a temporary staffing issue, or outsource coding on a long-term contract basis, KKC can help. We match coders to your operations on a specialty or sub-specialty level so they will quickly become familiar with your practice and begin to add value.

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KKC Advantage

  • Expert, certified coders that are specialty-specific and dedicated to your account

  • A comprehensive process that is tailored to each client’s policies and protocols

  • A process to identify documentation issues and how to avoid them

  • An organization that is knowledgeable about all aspects of the revenue cycle and is passionate about customer service